Get to know the artist

I have studied painting in one of Italy’s eldest art academies, the Accademia Albertina di belle Arti in Turin.

For a dozen of years I’ve been living in a little village on the Italian Alps. Then changes in life brought me back to Finland where I’m now living as a mum of three beautiful souls. Yoga and meditation introduced me to the healing world of mala beads. With the help of these sacred meditation tools I found a way to positive change in my life. I was impressed by their power and meaning and want to share it with you.

AnnakaTaika mala beads are empowering tools for concentration, calming and positive change. They bring beauty, joy, meaning and power into your meditation and yoga practice.

Every AnnakaTaika mala and painting is unique and one of a kind, just like you. In both my mala beads and my paintings I combine my passion for yoga, nature, beauty and artistic creativity. My intent is to create space for beauty and joy in the midst of hectic everyday life.

First the Italian Alps and now the fresh nature of Finland are endless inspiration for me. Beside its beauty, nature constantly reminds me of the right attitude to have towards life and that everything has a meaning.

Painting has always been my passion. With my portraits I aim to create a timeless, unique and meaningful picture in the midst of today’s plentitude of photographs. A portrait is more than a photo: a photo captures a moment, but a painting is somehow timeless. It describes its subject in a completely unique way. The person pictured becomes timeless and with no age, coexisting in time. When I look at my children and their portraits hanging on the wall, I see them growing side by side. Even though I painted them years ago, I could have painted them yesterday.

Welcome to the fascinating world of mala beads and portraits.